We have an emotional connection to flowers and foliage: they are traditionally given as tokens of love, friendship and remembrance. Whether a flower has a symbolic meaning, or perhaps stimulates a childhood memory, flowers help to encourage feelings that soothe and uplift.

With painting, my goal is to stir emotions and caress the soul. The process is one that takes time, patience and skill to successfully relay thoughts and emotions that can be shared and fulfilled.

For me, it is also about the challenge to transfer 3-dimensional aspects, such as depth of field, organic form and implied texture onto a 2-dimensional surface. I want people to be able to look into, rather than at my images.

With a slow and considered build- up of paint, compositions become a snapshot of time, looking beyond idealised beauty and remark on the realities of aging. Bold energetic colour, light and interesting space are alluring and serve as a reminder of how fleeting and precious life is.

In a world now, where instant gratification is demanded and stress the normality, we need to stop, think, relax and breathe. We need to remember the small and wondrous things about us:  the simple pleasures in life.